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Scrap My Car is a trusted and reliable company who has been at the forefront of the recycling industry for years, we thrive on ensuring all scrap cars are depolluted and fully recycled whilst trying to do our bit for the environment.

We have simplified the scrap car selling process by automating our website with the latest technology to provide instant car valuations and simple online car booking process.

Our Mission

We understand scrapping your car can seem like a stressful process, we are here for you every step of the way to ensure you receive a hassle free service whilst paying you the best possible price for your car or van.

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Fully Licensed Authorised Treatment Facility

We hold all the necessary licenses and are fully compliant with the Environment Agency, Local Council and the DVLA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my scrap car worth?

At scrapmycaruk.com we constantly get asked the question ? How can i get the best price and the highest price when im scrapping my car We have put together some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How can i get the best price for my scrap car?

At scrapmycaruk.com we constantly get asked the question ? How can i get the best price and the highest price when im scrapping my car We have put together some answers to the most freWhen scrapping your car one of the best ways to get the most amount of money is leave the car in its original condition. genuine Alloy wheels and all parts must be left on this includes all the body panels Catalytic converter & the battery all these items will get you the most money as car scrap yards and metal merchants will value the car for more.

At scrapmycaruk.com we work with registered end of life vehicle centres and car Breakers when you scrap your car with a ATF they will recycle all the valuable parts from your car so you will receive the best amount of money.

When you dispose of your scrap car with a metal merchant you will only be paid based on the weight of your vehicle so this might not be the very best way We pay on average anywhere from £150 - £5000 for scrap cars based on age mileage and condition but we take a number of factors in to consideration we also work with Exporters that will dismantle your car engine and car parts for overseas customers.

If your car is generally in good condition its better if you can sell your car on to someone who is looking for a new vehicle. However if your car is beyond economical repair or failed its mot then its easier just scrapping it.

The best way to receive the maximum amount and the best price for your scrap car is visit our website scrapmycaruk.com And enter your registration number for a quick instant online quote we will save you the time trying to look around online and contacting all the local car scrap yards in the area. You will receive the highest prices all throughout the uk from partner's frequently asked questions.

Do I Need Proof to scrap my car?

If you are looking at scrapping your car and ever wondered what proof you need then you have definitely arrived at the correct place at scrapmycaruk.com we can answer the most common answers to your questions.

If your car has come to its end of life or failed a mot or you just looking to scrap it then you will need to provide some proof that you are the rightful owner. We have listed below some of the Identification we accept and require

  • copy of your driving licence
  • Utility bill
  • Passport

We accept all utility bills or a council tax letter all within the last 3 months if you dont have a up to date utility bill then A bank statement within the last 3 months should be fine. You will also need to provide a picture identification with your address a driving licence is usually fine.

You can still scrap your car even if you don't have the V5C document all you will need is a driving licence and Your bank statement. We only can pay via bank transfer in to your bank account. We will need a sort code and account number. We have registered scrap car buyers on our network if you are a trade customer or have a garage or a used car dealership you can register with our ATF centres once registered we will not require any proof after that in the future if you scrap any more cars.

Our end of life centre's and scrap car collection agents offer a national UK coverage and all are vetted with the dvla and environment Agency and local council So if you looking at scrapping your car in the future visit our website scrapmycaruk.com And enter your car registration number and you can choose the best quote.

What is a End of Life Car - Vehicle?

Scrapmycaruk.com is a end of life vehicle centre. We have a network of scrap car buyers and collectors registered on our network. If you continue reading we will explain in detail what an ELV site is - a end of life vehicle centre what it actually is.

Basically a end of life VEHICLE centre is a registered site which is licensed and regulated by the environment Agency and local council when a car reaches its end of life and is no.longer road worthy then it is scrapped and processed at a end of life centre. Every year there are over 1 million cars in the uk that are scrapped.

What Cars are processed at a end of Life Vehicle Centre?

our scrap car partners collect all makes and models each year some of these cars are either to old or beyond economical repair some are high milage and some vehicles are involved in a accident. our scrap car collectors are all registered end of life car status and have a up to date site permit

What Happens at a end of Life Vehicle Centre?

Once your scrap car is booked in and collected by our elv centre the car is basically depplouted of all waste oils the petrol and diesel is removed and stored safely in storage tankers all car parts are sold off to customers online tyres are removed and sent off for recycling batteries are removed and sold on.

All our elv sites collect all cars including scrap cars, vans 4x4 and all other vehicles. If you are looking at scrapping your car to government standards visit our website enter your registration numbers and within seconds you will start to receive instant online quotes.

Scrap My Car Manchester Free Online Price

Scrapmycaruk.com is an online car comparison website we cover all throughout the uk and the whole of manchester. Our scrap car agents have worked in the manchester area for almost 30 years we cover the city centre and beyond all areas of manchester are covered within minutes.

We pay any where from £500 - £5000 Our partners offer a free collection service and a instant cash and bank transfer we are connected with some of the largest car recycling centres and end of life vehicle centres across manchester scrap my car manchester has been established for almost a decade gone are the days where you would ring around all day your local scrap yards trying to get the very best scrap car price we have made life so much easy and simple when scrapping your car in manchester and all surrounding boroughs.

What Cars do we collect in Manchester?

Ever wondered what cars we collect well basically 99% of the cars we collect are Anything from cars vans 4x4 vehicles Accident damaged engine failures and loads more

Our Scrap my car near me service

We now offer a scrap my car near me manchester service this basically takes away all the stress from our customers. When you use our scrap my car near me service via our website. Visit Scrapmycaruk.com and type your registration number you will receive our no obligation quote once you are satisfied your car will be collected from our scrap car partners in manchester this will be a ELV site in your postcode area so you will not need to travel far we offer a same day collection service any where in manchester with free collection and competitive prices If your car is fitted with Alloy wheels and genuine catalytic converter we can pay up to £1000 more for your car depending on the make model and year. So if you looking at scrapping your car in manchester visit our website today for a free online quote and we will connect you with local scrap car collection businesses in manchester.

Can I get paid cash when I scrap my car?

On a regular basis we get asked by our customers, when visiting our website Scrapmycaruk.com can i get paid in Cash for my scrap car the answer is no This is illegal with the change in law in 2013

Scrap Metal Dealers ACT 2012

In 2013 the law changed no scrap metal dealers or merchants scrap yards or any business trading in metal can not pay in cash - all payments must be done via cheque or electronic bank transfer. Any scrap metal dealer that pays cash risks paying up to a £5000 fine this law is introduced to stamp out metal theft.

Registered scrap metal dealers

When scrapping your car or using a metal dealer its always best to use a licensed business who is registered with the local Authority And holds a scrap metal dealers licence, this is to insure you are scrapping your car with a reputable dealer at scrapmycaruk.com all our partners are registered with environment Agency and the local council as a registered end of life vehicle centre all scrap car dealers are vetted and hold the correct licences and insurance policy to operate a scrap yard and car recycling facility

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